Sailing boats and motor yachts that frequently leave their own territorial waters are strongly advised to apply for a ship station licence. Depending in which ships registrar the yacht is registered, we can arrange for the ship station licence.

An example

Ship Station

Applying for a ships station licence can be quite an ordeal, as the unique CallSign, MMSI and ATIS are in most case issued by a ministry or appointed agency.

In some countries you are appointed a ship station licence within 24 hours, in other countries it can take several weeks.

The costs involved also vary per country. In some cases the one time registration costs are minimal, in other cases they can be substantial. In some countries there are also annual duties to be paid.

In any case we always advice you to register your ship station licence in the same country were your vessel is registered.

The Netherlands
Ship Station Licence

The Dutch ship station licence is issued by the Netherlands Telecom Agency, a department of the Dutch Ministry of Economicalaffairs. None Dutch nationals cannot apply for a licence with the Telecom Agency directly, but need to do so through an appointed representative or yacht manager. On basis of basic information such as specific data on the boat and its owner(s), the Telecom Agency issues a ship station licence that consists of at least a unique :

Depending on the type of equipment on-board of the ship, specific radio transmitter number are issued for each transmitter. Equipment which can be registered in the ship station licence are :

  • VHF
  • Portophone VHF
  • AIS
  • Inmarsat A
  • Inmarsat B
  • Inmarsat C
  • Inmarsat F
  • Inmarsat M
  • MGKG
  • Portophone GMDSS
  • Portophone UHF
  • Radar S-band
  • Radar X-band
  • SART
  • RTE
  • DSC Receiver
  • HF DPT
  • EGC Receiver

If all goes smoothly and well, the ship station licences can be issued within 24 hours after application, followed by a conformation in writing, which is sent through good old fashioned snail mail.